Seller/Purchaser Due Diligence

April 19, 2015 blog No Comments

It is a pain ….but oh so important to both parties. Both Seller and Purchaser have due diligence needs. From the Seller perspective due diligence is the opportunity to demonstrate their statements of business value are factual.  It is also a time where a Seller can confirm the operational and credit worthiness of a Purchaser […]

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That buyer has no respect for me or my business!

November 25, 2014 blog No Comments

Patrick opened his vitamin business 15 years ago. Now he has it listed for sale and the buyers are asking questions.   “They are questioning my integrity????” Patrick was outraged…. How could they suggest? These are some things that the buyers were seeing and becoming more reluctant along the way. These are some things that Patrick […]

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It is a non-profit Business!

November 24, 2014 blog No Comments

It’s a non-profit BUSINESS! When you take part in providing necessary goods and/or services you are in business. When in business, the goal is to provide these necessary goods and/or services efficiently and effectively. When you provide these necessary goods and/or services efficiently and effectively, your balance sheet shows a profit. When your balance sheet […]

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What do you mean – my business did not sell!!

November 23, 2014 blog No Comments

Jennifer was devastated. “What do you mean, my business did not sell?” She had put 20 years into developing the best building construction business around. Everyone knew who she was as her name was in every advertisement, building-site sign, and business-league bulletin. But, perhaps that was the problem. Whether doing a lot of business or […]

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Buy a Business or Build a Business?

November 20, 2014 blog No Comments

Junior had to decide, “Do I buy or build a business from scratch.”  It is for most a clear decision but not the same for each entrepreneur. One reason to buy is to be assured of immediate cash flow, no uncertain ramp-up expenses.  Another is the ability create one’s specific dream, building on an existing […]

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Offer to Close – What happens?

September 4, 2014 blog No Comments

For a buyer, the up front investigation of a business may seem rather simple but what then?  What if I want to buy the business. First, gather round you professionals, an attorney to review documents and a CPA to assist with assessing the organization. In my practice and many main street business-for-sale transactions using an […]

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What Value – my business?

March 31, 2014 blog No Comments

Frankly, it is almost always a surprise, the value of a business.  Owners wanting to sell are often thinking the sale price will fully fund their retirement, the only requirement to continue to live as they have. Usually this is just not true. Note: Cash flow to owner is sometimes called discretionary earnings.  There are […]

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What a new entrepreneur may need

October 31, 2013 blog No Comments

This list is especially intended for owners of newly purchased businesses.  It could also serve as a check list for any owner or start up entrepreneur. It is a non-inclusive list as each business, business environment has its own nuances.  Often when a business is purchased a number of these are in place and easily […]

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Small ‘preneurs Appeal to Sell

October 30, 2013 blog No Comments

How Can a Solo-preneur or Other Smaller Business Owner Be Appealing for Acquisition? While this example is written about two mental health providers, it could be about a construction company, web designer, etc. Fran and Frank had two different operational models and two very different prospects for sale. Fran a mental health provider had completed […]

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George, the perfect hire (or not)

October 30, 2013 blog No Comments

George was hired as the new operations director, replacing a very successful director of ten years.  George was perfect.  He had been found in a national search, in part conducted via mega, industry specific job websites.  His experience with similar companies demonstrated he would be a good fit.  He was hired and then… It was […]

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