Businesses for Sale


Note:  In addition to those listed here, we could have some hip-pocket listings.  Just ask – perhaps about a financial planning/advising book of business, gym, art preservation, auto stuff, florist, restaurant, clothier…others

  • MID-West Employee Assistant, Work-Life Business – Cash flow at $300K.
  • Under Contract, three months Elder Home Care –This Santa Fe company has been serving the area for two decades, enabling seniors, often living alone, with aging life-care management. Consistent with the client’s needs, two employed licensed professionals assess the client situation and either refer out or arrange to provide direct non-licensed services through trained contract labor. Fees include engagement and annual membership fees as well as direct management and service fees. All company-provided services are billed direct, not through insurance companies. The owner / founder serves as full-time general manager and periodically engages with clients. Their success is based on deep knowledge of the community health care system and services and careful attention to the client’s preferences, including client-specific hiring of contracted, non-licensed direct care staff. The 2016 performance of $1.195K resulted in a $344K cash flow to owner. 2017 revenues through mid-year are up 30%. A wonderful expansion or individual-owner opportunity.
  • Sold Employment Firm – Full & Part time:  This personnel placement firm has been serving a New Mexico urban area for approximately two decades. They provide services to fill temporary and permanent openings for support staff, professionals, and executives. Industries served include environmental, legal, real estate, accounting, and retail, – to name a few. Testing services help to provide the right fit. The 2016 revenue was $485K with cash flow to the single owner of $147K. The office is located near city center in a condominium unit available for sale as an option. This professional business-to-business opportunity could be expanded in many ways. Take this solid foundation and make it yet more.
  • Fine Retail Clothing Santa Fe:  Men’s and Women’s Clothier within blocks of the Plaza:   This decades old establishment has a solid foundation in local clientele as well as easily accessible by tourists that flock to the City Different, Santa Fe.  The inventory carried is uniquely theirs, US and foreign brands – both dress and casual wear, including accessories.  There are many expansion opportunities.  The Seller enjoys a cash flow of $87,969 (2016) on sales of $405,861, working only 4 – 5 days a week.  Included inventory to be approximately $90,000.  The facility available for sale (the preference) is listed at $695,000 or lease.  A fabulous opportunity for Entrepreneurial You!
  • Fabulous Entreés, Veggies, Burgers & Much More: This uniquely Albuquerque restaurant serves gourmet burgers, salads, steak, fish, desserts and more.  They have a wine and beer bar for both in-house diners and for those just taking a break.  Seating capacity is for up to 90 inside and 38 outside.  The configuration of the business is such that both routine lunch and dinner service and special events can be accommodated.  2017 cash flow to owner of $105K.  . The crew of cooks, servers, and dishwashers are overseen by the owner who serves as general manager.   The purchaser will advantage approximately $4,000 in inventory and $75K in other hard assets.  On the market for $225,000.  Great Platform for More!
  • Under Contract, 1 month:  Property Management –
  • Tourist Publications : Part-Time Business : High Margin  A part-time (requiring very low hours), seasonal home-based business with fabulous income and plenty of room to grow.  This two-publication marketing business serves key tourist areas and local communities in New Mexico, representing businesses to individuals who live or play in the area.  The owner-direct involvement is seasonal – one could live anywhere in the state, perhaps Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque or south or elsewhere in the United States.  Functions an owner can take on include general management, sales, administration, graphic design, distribution.  The current owner is performing all but design, and only small portion of distribution – and doing this while working very few days per year.   Working approximately 90 days a year generating cash flow to owner of approximately $53,000 on $86,000 in revenue, bring your management and communication skills to these well established publications. There are opportunities to expand these, as well as launch additional publications in other locales. Continue to operate the publications in their current form, or take this established firm to the next level.
  • New Mexico Disposal Waste and Recycle Hauler: 
    This regional service company has been in business for 20 years.  It serves residential and commercial clients in a large rural area in central New Mexico, close enough to Albuquerque and other providers for consolidation with others, as well as significant expansion possibilities.  The assortment of equipment ranges from modified heavy duty pick-up trucks for rear and side loading with cart tippers to 33,000 GVW equipped with compactors/rear load bodies/cart tippers, containers as small as 35 gallons to 30 yard roll-off containers. Approximately $886k in total equipment at estimated used value.  The company has a crew of drivers.  The one owner elects to drive several times a week and primarily oversees expansion, responds to bid situations, and performs other general management duties.  Office duties are managed with two part time staff and the other owner as a part time office supervisor, working out of a home office. They operate off of a leased fenced lot central to the service area and could be easily relocated .  2015 revenue of $1,135k and cash flow $359k.  For inquiries, call Jason Trainor at 505-780-0155.


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Somethings Done

Some More Things Done


Careers First – Personnel Placement firm – Sold

ABQ – MOONS COFFEE & TEA – Under contract in 7 days then sold.

ST. CLAIR PROPERTIES – Under contract in 10 days then sold.

Janitorial Div Green Sweep – Sold in a month

Good Water – Sold

C. T. King. Field Services, Inc – Sold

Liquor Store Valuation – Completed

Magazine valuation and planning.

Service Master by Diehl in ABQ – Listed at $223,000 – Sold

The Beat Goes On – Listed at $199,000 SOLD

Business Product Supply Company – Sold

Santa Fe Special – Restaurant valuation done

Buyer’s Find – Two potential purchases

Marigold Arts – Canyon Road:  Sold, Listed at $129,000

Coffee house: under contract E2 visa

Tumbledown Studio: Sold

Seller Consult: Legal Support Company

Valuation Consignment Store

Valuation Employee Assistance Program

Tom Taylor Buckles and Belts Listed for $583,000 – Sold

East Mountain Directory Listed for $280,000 Sold

Target Concierge (marketing firm).  Listed for $130,000 – Sold

Yoberri (frozen yogurt) Albuquerque.  Listed for $60,000 – Sold

Yoberri (frozen yogurt) Santa Fe, Listed for $169,000 – Sold

Valuation – well known SF Restaurant

Valuation – Laundry

Valuation Santa Fe Printing House

Valuation New Mexico Real Estate Firm

Valuation New Mexico Business Brokerage

Valuation New Mexico Property Management Firm

Valuation Santa Fe star restaurant

Santa Fe Modern Home Negotiated & Managed Sale

Valuation Chiropractor Practice for Sale

Partnerhsip Consult, Exit Strategies

Buyer Consult, listed at $119,000

Alley Cantina, listed at $350,000, Sold

MoMo and CoSold

CAFE Consult – Performance improvement

Valuation of Real Estate Brokerage & Management Firms, IRS purposes

Seller Consult, listed at $299,000 – Closed in Santa Fe

Palacio Cafe, listed at $79,000 – Sold, listed at $335,000 – Sold

Posters of Santa Fe, listed at $200,000 – Sold

The Sewing Center of Santa Fe. Listed at $245,000 – transaction managed