Are you ready to sell?

Top ten reasons to sell a business in New Mexico (and beyond:)

1)  My business is doing great and I want to maximize my gain.  Yes / No

2)  My business is in order, all financials and taxes filed, staff are excellent, and the operation is smooth as it can be.  Yes / No

3)  My sales are steady or rising.  Yes / No

4) My net to owner is steady or rising.  Yes/ No

5) My furniture, fixtures, and equipment are in good operating order.  Yes / No

6) My web presence is adequate or better.  Yes / No

7) My files are orderly and procedures written.  Yes / No

8) My inventory is current and turning according to industry standards.  Yes / No

9) I am prepared to operate the business the best it can be between listing and selling the business and willing to train my successor and want to see them succeed.  Yes / No

10) My personal plan for the future is in place and I am looking forward to moving on.  Yes / No

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