About Us

Dakin Business Group.

Members of Dakin Business Group provide business owners and buyers with tools and services that will help them in their work including confidential business brokering and more.  Members of the business group are professionals in their fields, each with a depth of expertise that gives the business owner the edge necessary to be successful.

Priscilla Dakin, principal of Dakin Business Group, is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive, one who has worked over her 30 year career in a number of industries from manufacturing to health care, retail to publishing and beyond.

She has bought and sold companies, served as managing partner in joint ventures, been the sole leader and part of leadership teams in both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises, and operated enterprises as large as $30MM in revenue. In every environment she is respected for her business know how and ethical decision-making.  Her opinion and guidance is routinely sought.  Priscilla brings to her business brokering work these experiences, expertise, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Priscilla was initially trained in business valuation work by the largest business brokerage in New Mexico, one where over 900 successful transactions and 9,000 valuations were a hallmark.  She is certified as  a business intermediary, is a member of the International Business Brokers Association and has successfully completed the comprehensive coursework and testing for business appraiser.  She has applied this valuation knowledge and practice for various purposes, including transactions.  Under her leadership a business-intermediary national best practices group was formed and there she contributes and learns from other professionals.

At Dakin Business Group, it is routine to collaborate with other brokers and professionals, ensuring each transaction has viable buyers and sellers and each valuation and business-sale preparation has the best of professional.  Members of Dakin Business Group work together to lead you through your unique project.

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Why Us? – Top Six

  • “You are more professional.”  Ilana Slonim, Seller of Ellie’s Yoberri Park
  • Co-brokering with multiple brokers
  • “Without you it would never have happened.” The Spiers, Purchaser’s Tom Taylor Buckles and Belts
  • Over 30 years of business selling and operating experience in multiple industries
  • “You keep us informed”  TL, Santa Fe Seller
  • Certified as a Business Intermediary


Your Guided NM Business-for-sale Process

  • Exit strategy…it is never too soon to start planning the time and best position for selling your business
  • Valuation for sale…a process for potential listing clients, not just a number from a book
  • Listing...for a period of time to assure capturing a sufficient number of qualified buyers
  • Marketing…uniquely defined for each business, from the world wide web to personal contacts
  • The offer…on time tested, attorney vetted forms
  • Due diligence...methodical, open, and respectful investigation
  • Closing…with a neutral attorney capturing the original offer and each change along the way