What About Sellers Sharing Risk

When I first started in the business of brokering businesses, I was told most all sales are seller financed.  Not so today. Often a cash offer is discounted by 10 - 20% because it takes away the Seller's risk. Even with SBA financing being as delightful as it is now, sellers do sometimes share in the risk a buyer has.  These are some examples: In each case a price is [...]

By |July 2, 2021|

So You Want to Sell Your Business

Do you want to be ready to sell? These are key pieces for your consideration. Have your personal financial plan in order, including a likely net gain from the sale of the business. Know the value of your business. Know that these positive characteristics can impact the value: Not being dependent on you, the owner – if you go away, do the clients leave with you? Have recurring revenue Be [...]

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APPLY BY  3/31/21 OUR NM ELECTRIC PROVIDER IS OFFERING RELIEF How does the PNM Small Business COVID Relief Program Work?   ·    $500 assistance for PNM customers in arrears (recently increased from $200) ·    A total of $500,000 can be awarded to small business customers ·    Deadline to apply is March 31, 2021   ·    Fill out an application online here   What are the Requirements for a Small Business [...]

By |February 16, 2021|

COVID Relief – 2021

Just some new tidbits on PPP for the new opportunity - Reminder - you need to show quarter over quarter decline 2019 to 2020 and owned the business 2/15/20. Forgiveness categories are now (and maybe retroactively to 2020 PPP): Up to 40% Covered supplier costs - not building inventory but supplies used in operations Covered operations expenditures - this is cloud based computing, systems to work in time of COVID [...]

By |January 15, 2021|

Comparing Signed Relief Bills – March/December 2020

This is a brief summary of the new and former relief bills. The $900 billion stimulus bill is seen as a short-term relief package until early 2021, where President-elect Joe Biden and his administration are expected to introduce yet another stimulus package to address some of what the $900 billion bill leaves out.   New stimulus bill (Dec. 2020) CARES Act (March 2020) Total cost of stimulus package $900 billion [...]

By |January 4, 2021|

December 2020 New Relief Bill – Includes PPP Funds & More

Finally, yesterday, 12/30/20 it was decided, the Senate has elected to not approve  additional funds for individuals.  So, the bill agreed earlier in the month by congress and signed by the president stands. Key features include: Direct payments of up to $600 per adult, Enhanced jobless benefits of $300 per week, Roughly $284 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans, $25 billion in rental assistance, an extension of the eviction moratorium [...]

By |December 31, 2020|

NM Relief Package Passes

Business owners in NM and their staff will receive some relief. In just one day, New Mexico lawmakers yesterday passed a $330 million package of COVID-19 relief aid that will benefit unemployed workers, businesses and others impacted by the pandemic and concomitant economic downturn. House Bill 1 specifically will provide $1,200 one-time payments to people who are unemployed; grants of up to $50,000 to small businesses; and up to $750 to [...]

By |November 25, 2020|

New Mexico Business Relief – New Cares Act $$

"Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham yesterday announced she will call a special legislative session on Nov. 24 to allocate $300 million in CARES Act funding for New Mexicans and businesses in the midst of surging COVID-19 cases and a restrictive public health law. "We want to get this relief out to New Mexicans," the governor said. "They need unemployment, they need housing assistance and businesses need grants. That gives us a [...]

By |November 20, 2020|

NM November COVID Status for Business

As of today a number of new 2-week regulations have been put in place by the NM Governor's office.  Each business owner should read and seek legal counsel on how to proceed based on their unique needs. Find the detail here. In the spring, I prepared a video speaking to the various situations a business could be in based on their unique situation.  We are now in month 8 of, [...]

By |November 16, 2020|

Your Making It Through – A Covid-19 virus To Do List

During this Time A Few Resources Morgan Stanley believes this ‘recession’ will be far shorter than what was experience with the recession starting in 2008.  As virus cases drop, the economic downturn will come back more rapidly.  Perhaps this will begin as early as mid April, 2020.  (provided by CBS Sunday Morning, 3/29/2020) No one answer is for all. Things are quickly changing. Check in periodically for amendments to this [...]

By |March 29, 2020|

Typical Seller Process – 2019

Updated from earlier post. First, know what you are going to do, by Joan Sotkin. Everything we say is routine, turns out to have its own twists and turns.  This is true with selling a small business as well.  In this case, a small business is one that has perhaps $3,000,000 in annual sales.  It may not be so small to operate and certainly requires the ingenuity of the owner. [...]

By |August 15, 2019|

When the Seemingly Frivolous Cost Makes Sense

Martin never, ever sells anything from his upscale gallery space but refuses to close it.   Why, one wonders, does he take this position.  It happens that Martin’s seemingly excessive cost of rent with no payback guarantee’s his income.  Want to know why? The art Martin sells is one-of-a-kind woven pieces of considerable size, some even 6’ x 10’, all made in a specific country by several different artists and in [...]

By |April 13, 2019|
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