As of today a number of new 2-week regulations have been put in place by the NM Governor’s office.  Each business owner should read and seek legal counsel on how to proceed based on their unique needs. Find the detail here.

In the spring, I prepared a video speaking to the various situations a business could be in based on their unique situation.  We are now in month 8 of, for some a static ‘essential’ business, others a roller coaster of open and closed, limited hours or service, and yet others, needing to make a hard decision to temporarily or permanently close.  There is the other group, those exploding with new/increased  business and needing to understand just how long it will last.

For those hoping for guidance, ideas about change – planning – surviving, visit this website where you can find free consultation as to next steps, plan development.  Really maybe we all kinda need guidance now.  JumpStart is a program provided by business professionals – short-term free consultation to help you define what is next and best.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.

We are happy to help too – valuation and brokering services by Priscilla and colleagues.  Contact us.