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Concepts of Intellectual Property

Often based on patented, therefore protected from anyone else making similar Negotiated price that can be influenced by ability to replicate, i.e. if I can replicate for less than buying unprotected rights Rare to sell at a fixed price, usually a royalty as used – costing there to be a decline in financial performance of the company  (License agreement should strive at sharing profit – ¼ - 1/3 to licensor) Price can be [...]

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Typical Seller’s Process

Everything we say is routine, turns out to have its own twists and turns.  This is true with selling a small business as well.  In this case, a small business is one that has perhaps $3,000,000 in annual sales.  It may not be so small to operate and certainly requires the ingenuity of the owner. From the seller's perspective a typical sale looks like this: The owner elects to have me do a [...]

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Typical Buyer’s Process

Acknowledging up front that the typical anything is really not what happens, small businesses have a fairly routine buyer process and it looks like this: The buyer demonstrates interest, represents capability to purchase the business and signs a non-compete and do-no-harm agreement. S/he receives the marketing package S/he asks me additional questions If still interested, s/he talks with the seller and me, often by phone If still interested, s/he can ask for additional information [...]

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The Confusion of Cash Flows

You know the words that can confuse, especially if you routinely watch Jeopardy. Red, Read, Read Met, Met (the latter is an abbreviation for the opera in NY) Be, Bee Fair, Fair These words either sound the same, though spelled differently, and have different meanings or are spelled the same, sound the same, and have different meanings. No wonder I have always had trouble with my own, English language! One can elaborate on [...]

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