When Should I Sell?

July 14, 2016 blog No Comments

Are We At the Peak of the Sellers’ Market? By Steve Raymond, The DAK Group | July 14, 2016 The past few years have been an excellent time for business owners to sell and this should continue for at least another year: interest rates are low, private equity firms and strategic buyers have cash to […]

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The Story of Rent

July 14, 2016 blog No Comments

Marco purchased his real property in Santa Fe in 1989 and paid cash. From there he operated his cabinet business and survived the various economic ups and downs, paying Marco a nice income for his spectacular work. The business was operated as a sole proprietorship and paid the taxes, insurance and utilities for the property. […]

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Have a System In Place Now

January 8, 2016 blog No Comments

Josiah had owned and operated the retail business for fifteen years.   He had a couple of staff members who had been with him, each for a minimum of four years. Then he got sick…   This was a clothing retail store. There was lots of inventory to manage and cash sales.   It wasn’t that […]

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The financing of business…

January 7, 2016 blog No Comments

Samantha had found just the right buyer. It really was kind of a miracle as this statewide business marketing consumables for national firms was not for just anyone. But Simon was perfect. He was living in central NM and had some experience in the industry, could work out of his house, while managing his invalid […]

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When there is no more room…

January 6, 2016 blog No Comments

Stewart owned a malt shop, the one his father started when Steward was just 10. The malt shop had a great location, had added sugar free, lower glycemic, and lactose-free options as these options became fashionable. What more…… He had added impulse items at the checkout and on stands in the middle of the floor, […]

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Seller/Purchaser Due Diligence

April 19, 2015 blog No Comments

It is a pain ….but oh so important to both parties. Both Seller and Purchaser have due diligence needs. From the Seller perspective due diligence is the opportunity to demonstrate their statements of business value are factual.  It is also a time where a Seller can confirm the operational and credit worthiness of a Purchaser […]

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That buyer has no respect for me or my business!

November 25, 2014 blog No Comments

Patrick opened his vitamin business 15 years ago. Now he has it listed for sale and the buyers are asking questions.   “They are questioning my integrity????” Patrick was outraged…. How could they suggest? These are some things that the buyers were seeing and becoming more reluctant along the way. These are some things that Patrick […]

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It is a non-profit Business!

November 24, 2014 blog No Comments

It’s a non-profit BUSINESS! When you take part in providing necessary goods and/or services you are in business. When in business, the goal is to provide these necessary goods and/or services efficiently and effectively. When you provide these necessary goods and/or services efficiently and effectively, your balance sheet shows a profit. When your balance sheet […]

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What do you mean – my business did not sell!!

November 23, 2014 blog No Comments

Jennifer was devastated. “What do you mean, my business did not sell?” She had put 20 years into developing the best building construction business around. Everyone knew who she was as her name was in every advertisement, building-site sign, and business-league bulletin. But, perhaps that was the problem. Whether doing a lot of business or […]

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Buy a Business or Build a Business?

November 20, 2014 blog No Comments

Junior had to decide, “Do I buy or build a business from scratch.”  It is for most a clear decision but not the same for each entrepreneur. One reason to buy is to be assured of immediate cash flow, no uncertain ramp-up expenses.  Another is the ability create one’s specific dream, building on an existing […]

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