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Confidential Business Brokering

Entrepreneurs buying or selling New Mexico businesses make more when they plan ahead, understand where value is found in the business, and buy/sell at the top of the business’ performance.

Top 5 Business Buyer/Seller Tips

#1 Plan ahead to sell or buy a business:
You benefit by knowing your exit strategy way before you want or need to sell – even before you buy.

#2 The greatest value in your business:
Cash flow is usually where the greatest value is found when buying or selling a business.

#3 Monitor your performance:
Business owners focused on success will benefit from understanding their performance from every angle – being able to demonstrate to a buyer your upward trends, corrections, and expected future helps to put value on the sale of the business, from both sides.

#4 Your practices make a lot of difference:
Buyers should look for and sellers should have tidy everything – books, workplace, inventory, practices.

#5 The best time to sell or buy:
Sellers who sell at the top of their performance will maximize their sale value.  Buyers who buy a well- performing company can advantage the momentum.