This entry is a continuation of my last, National Association for the Self Employed Organization member recommendations for business owners. The summary was found in the January-february 2011 issue of Self Employed

It is always good to under promise and over deliver
If you can’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t be doing it
Don’t bring your work home
Respect the people in your environment
Develop an internal support system
Learn from the past and don’t wallow in mistakes
Surround yourself with support friends and family
Lone wolves seldom succeed
Marketing brings revenue
Separate personal and professional life
Give fair work for fair pay
Look around before making a decision
You gain experience by doing the work
It is what you do in the good times that will help you through the bad ones.

Regarding ‘if you can’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t be doing it.” I am most in tune with. Mine is a 95 percent rule. I need to be happy 95 percent of the time or I should not be doing it.

And the last, “it is what you do in the…” is right on. One really can not relax to the point of inattention at any time. In the good times, make hay for those less good times.