In many business-for-sale transactions there are millions (well not quite) of documents to sign.  Some seem to require signing over and over, or amendments substitute, as changes are made.  Is it important to sign again and again?

Perhaps yes.  Perhaps no.  You decide.  Should the broker or attorney involved require revisions to sign documents be signed again?  The professional is trying to avoid conflicts when the final documents are drawn including changes that were seemingly agreed.  People do change their minds and mis-remember, on all sides.  One party or both can be nervous and signature can calm their nerves.

Recently a buyer said to a broker ‘I know you want to keep track’ but we have to have some trust.  True, this would be best until one party loses trust or changes their mind.  Some transactions are totally wallowing in adversity.

The professional must feel their way through deciding when it is important and when not.  Erring on the side of caution is a best practice, e.g. getting the signatures.