Many of those who buy businesses are individuals who come from corporate America.   They are individuals who have left disgusted, burn out, or with pink slip in hand.  They want to be their own boss and demonstrate their capabilities to operate a business.  Their background may or may not immediately translate into great entrepreneur.

When I made this move over ten years ago, my move was from team of 10,000, albeit in various divisions, to team of four.  I literally had to sweep the floor if it was not appropriately done.  Fortunately my team mates were highly talented in their specialty areas.  If I left them alone, it got done.  Subsequently I bought, sold and started new adventures.  Each had their own challenges, rarely was I operating alone but with others who had great skills and work ethic.

This article lends some insights to the new-entrepreneur challenges, misconceptions, opportunities to grab.

Corporate translation to entrepreneur.

You can perhaps add your own experiences here.