When I take a break from selling and working with businesses, my husband and I often take a walk past some horses.  On each of these outings we get all the way to where the horses are and THEN remember we should have brought carrots.  Now the horses will likely never forget they like carrots even if we don’t bring them every time or bring too few.  Likewise, entrepreneurs are not going to forget how great buying a good business is, even if they can’t find exactly the right one now.  Okay, it is a bit of a stretch for an analogy but I really like the horse piece.

There continues to be good buying opportunities, just like the one I listed this week. It is a business with consistent growth over past years, even through the economic downturn.  The product is one that most of the world loves…in the food industry and therefore this business can grow beyond its current New Mexico market.  There are other fabulous business-for-sale opportunities out there now as well.   Visit http://www.dakinbusnessgroup.com/businessesforsale.html for a list.

There are some businesses on the market that have experienced a decline because of the downturn but need to sell now.  A good number of these will be picked up by the astute entrepreneur, knowing they will be able to take the ride back up as the economy returns.

The number of businesses listed is down some because the owners are waiting to enjoy the ride back up with the economic rebound and then enjoy a better price for the sale of their business.  These wise owners need not worry that the market for businesses for sale will be there in the future.  This IS the land of entrepreneurs.

Find a short article about the business-for-sale market is improving at:  http://www.gaebler.com/Q3-2009-Improving-Business-for-Sale-Market.htm

What is it about your business that is similar to horses enjoying carrots?