Mr. Bernancki, of Federal Reserve Board fame, has declared the recession over.  What does that really mean?  Does it mean that houses will suddenly start selling at rates more near norm?  Will people suddenly go out and spend more money much as they were spending two years ago?  Will it be fast or slow to recover?  Now that all of those cars have been sold, will the car market be robust again? Will New Mexico fare better than other places in the recovery because we did not fall so far?  Or, will it be slower?  How will the answers to these questions  (and who knows please tell me) help us to position our businesses to take advantage but not be foolish?  Can we help by spending more without going back to the bad habits of borrowing to spend?

I don’t know but for sure I won’t be keeping my head in the sand AND I am going out to dinner to night.  Every little bit helps.   You?