In two listings of businesses for sale this year, the owner(s) have consistently presented as very bright, operating not just any business but each a business with some unique features, though not necessarily complex.  Obviously complex is in the eyes of the beholder.

As I worked with each business and a couple of buyers, it became evident that we needed to be careful to not ‘over sell.’

In this case, it becomes imperative for the seller and broker to develop strategies for selling that keeps it simple initially and allows the buyer to grow into the complexity and realize how they, indeed, can do the job.

One of these two businesses is now a pending sale.  The buyers are cut of the same cloth as the sellers, just a younger version.  They are self confident, smart, and see no problem.  It is very, very fun to see these buyers and sellers work together.

Obviously we all hope to get to close.  I don’t predict it here because (don’t tell) I do have a bit of superstition about making predictions of things I want to have happen.