Perhaps you know the terror:  I have so much to do!

Yesterday I met with a lovely lady considering starting a business.  It could be buying a business or running a business.  It is all the same.  There is a ton to do.

Break it into small pieces.  Take it one step at a time.

In the case of (lets call her) Sue she has been considering this action for quite some time, years.  Now she is beginning to talk about it and on her own and with the help of friends she realizes that starting a business can be a lot of work.  There are so many pieces.  She has a business plan to complete and doesn’t feel she has the wits to complete it and then doesn’t get started.

As with so many things, like baking a cake, define the steps (perhaps read a recipe to get the steps) and do them sequentially.  Fortunately with a business plan you can adjust along the way.  You, likely, don’t have to throw the batter/plan out if you decide to change some piece of it.  You will have to change one piece of it and then move forward again.

Sue is going to start by doing some market research, making some calls or visiting with people who can give her insight, help her shape the business to her liking.  From here she can likely see a future image of the business but also know the steps that will get her there over time:  First a plan;  Then a start to the business in its first iteration; Plan, do check, correct; Then the next iteration; Plan, do, check, correct;  And so on.

She has time.  Make sure you have time.