Physicians, as others, are reaching retirement age in increasing numbers.  Some are merely finding that their professional interests are beyond their practice and wish to move to a new career.

Electing to sell a practice can be complex based on demands for practice changes such as electronic medical records, not-yet-known changes healthcare structures, local health system interests in ‘owning’ physician practices, and the constant ebb and flow of practice expansions and contractions.  Did I mention laws?  Yes, laws in professional practices can regulate who owners can be and what they can provide as services.

I just came across this current article on the considerations.  Physician Practice Values

Drivers for physician-practice valuations are similar to other businesses but with their own nuances.  A valuation expert must consider minimally the cash flow, likely driven by the patient volume and the practice type; the trends of the practice performance, is it up down or flat; if there are a number of practice owners and other providers are they all staying with the practice, in agreement if a sale is intended; and the furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including but not limited to the implementation of electronic health records.

This dramatically changing field of healthcare means not just the everyday valuation practice.