Always, if I can buy local, reasonably, I do.

It happened that yesterday, while in Albuquerque, I needed to make a small purchase, $1.95.

The purchase was of a miniature skein of yarn to repair the dreaded moth holes in my lovely sweater.

I have never before been to the Yarn Store at Nob Hill.  The place was hopping.  The owner was taking care of my minor need.  If you know yarn, the weight, dye, contents, you know that a match is next to impossible.  But, she worked for me.  It was a success in that we found a best solution.  It was not, however, in stock.  So, now the owner is placing an order for the tiny skein.

I will go back!

Note:  As I was making this purchase, it became clear that doing this shopping would be very very difficult on line.  There is the touchy part of it, the correct color part, and, of course, the person part.

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