Even for the business-for-sale entrepreneur, social media may be important.  As a leading-edge (meaning older) baby boomer, social media is perhaps not quite my cup of tea but I must not ignore it.  Thus, there is this blog and my LinkedIN and Facebook presence to stay, if not cutting edge, at least properly in tune.

THEY say businesses typically have a 20-year life span.  It seems this is really more about the status of the business rather than the existence of the business.  Is the business, including those for sale, up to date?  Can a photography printing business exist today and be viable?  Yes, it can, if it stays up to date.

Social media as a means of doing business could be one of the ways to stay up to date.  Today I found this blog entry that speaks, I believe, wisely about social media.  While it is directed to a specific industry, it has resonance with all.


Or, check out Emily Post…she still knows a lot!