Stewart owned a malt shop, the one his father started when Steward was just 10. The malt shop had a great location, had added sugar free, lower glycemic, and lactose-free options as these options became fashionable. What more……

He had added impulse items at the checkout and on stands in the middle of the floor, yet it seemed he had reached a plateau, there was no more revenue to be had, at least not in the square feet his shop had and no adjacent space was available for years.

On a recent vacation in Key West, Stewart’s wife, a shopper, discovered a single woman owned three shops where she bought clothes. They were scattered across the town and there were staffing crossovers. One woman sold her clothes in two of the locations. The stores were all selling women’s clothes but each with different price points and styles. Was this a possible solution for Stewart’s business?


How do we expand when we have too little space or revenue is otherwise seemingly restricted? What are your solutions? Reply to this blog with ideas you have.