Will our ways really change as a result of this economic downturn?  Jay Leno in the Parade Magazine today, September 6, ‘09 talked about how he has always had two jobs and put aside money from one of them.  In his case, he does both comedy (presumably live in various locations) and television.  He said he never spends the money from television, has never touched it.  Of course, comparing Jay’s financial wherewithal to the rest of us may denigrate the point.  However, one Albuquerque realtor, at least, has been able to not only continue advertising during this prolonged slow down but also continues to employ his assistant, because he too put money aside during the better times.  Watching so many, in so many walks of life, who have struggled to make ends meet through these lean times, it seems many would be better off following these two effective examples.    I could certainly do a better job!