Businesses, however many million we have in this country are often the source of funding for the lobbyists that fuel the votes from our congress, votes we may or may not agree with.  However, it is typically not the small business owners working, funding  the lobby mill.  In the past two days I have as a business owner been engaged in a discussion and a letter writing campaign regarding the health care issue and the state of our nation, how the economy is broken, not casually but at it’s very roots, at least for a majority of people.

Confessions would show my relatively small participation over the years in trying to direct change.  A check here or there has funded campaigns or projects intensely close to my passions.    It is becoming increasingly apparent that both as an individual and a business owner, I must much more often be active.  By leaving the activity to others, not enough is done.

Perhaps “By the people”  is much more than voting for someone to (hopefully) vote the way I want them to.  My (Our) power can be in personal and business involvement because seeing first hand is so much more than seeing through a lobbyist.