Business needs caring for too.  In the October 4, 2009 Style section of the New York Times, there was a cover article about how the use of curate and curator, traditionally terms exclusively related to the art industry, has been adopted by other professions such as fashion, food, music, and antiques, e.g. curating an antique collection.  My argument is that business needs to be curated too.

The Oxford Dictionary defines curate as “to look after and preserve.”  Certainly something other than watchdogs and commissions were needed the past ten years as the various mortgage and other systems collapsed from lack of (?) curating.  Business needs to be looked after and the good parts preserved.  Sometimes we seem to only preserve the bad parts.

Wouldn’t it be lovely as a business professional to be considered the curator for establishing great practices, ensuring efficacy, maintaining valuable history, interpreting what is happening, nudging the future, putting in place the right systems that ensure the sale of the business for top dollar, and integration of a new business acquisition or expansion without a flaw?

Love it!  Priscilla Dakin, Business Curator