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So you don't like broccoli?  You and George Bush Sr. A daily resource of learning for me is reading the missives on how to communicate in business.  Whats more, if each day does not present enough time to read, sends a summary at the end of the week for those who need to catch up. (Gotta love that!) Copyblogger In an email from them this week, this was the statement that [...]

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What is the joy of owning your own business?

You may be wondering why anyone would want to own their own business.  It is a critical question to answer for yourself, one of many, before you make the buy or otherwise invest in a start up.  Below are the answers of several business owners who give their perspective. Steve Rose • The Pure Joy Of Owning Your Own Business. You set the mission, vision and values. You are pursuing your dreams and [...]

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The Elusive Business Solution

On a trip to Africa, in the Serengeti, we were on a photo safari.  It was incredibly entertaining and educational.  Our group of nine, plus two guides were committed to both sighting the wonderful wildlife and our philosophical discussions.  The most difficult of the animals to sight was the leopard.   Everyone’s perspective for that search and the philosophical was important. First, the leopard is nocturnal.  He does not typically hang out on the [...]

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