You may be wondering why anyone would want to own their own business.  It is a critical question to answer for yourself, one of many, before you make the buy or otherwise invest in a start up.  Below are the answers of several business owners who give their perspective.

Steve Rose • The Pure Joy Of Owning Your Own Business.
You set the mission, vision and values. You are pursuing your dreams and will pity those that lack the courage to pursue theirs.  (Steve is the leader of Friday Networking Lunch in Santa Fe and a coach of folks around the world.)

Polly White, PHR • I have been able to take all of knowledge, skills and abilities that I have accumulated while working for others, and now get to use them to help others, but for the financial benefit of my own company. Very satisfying.


Claudia Dunitz • Aside from all the other benefits, and they are legion, it allows us to devote our time and resources to causes and Not for Profit organizations we believe in – no justifications to “management” required.

Kerry Armour • I agree with a lot of what both Steve and Polly have said above. And I take what Claudia has said into the mix as well. I really like managing my own time, using my skills appropriately and being able to spend the right amount of time on each client according to their needs rather than according to a corporate profitability formula. But I have to say, one of my most favorite aspects is that my manager doesn’t take personal credit for my or my team mates’ efforts any more….well,,, actually, I do take credit for my employee…me!

Nathalie Bonnard • Knowing I make a difference in someone’s life. Sharing my passion and experience, walking my talk, gave the courage to some of my clients to live their life like they mean it, authentically, following their heart, their passion, their intuition and stand up for what they believe.

Almudena Ortiz Cue • Besides the obvious: making your own working hrs. and not having a boss “breathing down your neck”.Among the benefits of self-employment are the opportunity to explore areas (marketing, accounting etc.) that otherwise I will not have to engage in and having the outlet for my own creativity… how can I make a connection with this client, explain things better, come up with a behavior modification protocol that WILL get results etc.
So, thumbs up for self-employment!

Hope Ostheimer Kiah • When I need some fresh information in my brain, I love being free stop building a website while I dive into the waters of the web, exploring what other people are doing and saying. Today I’m going to look for an app offering ergonomic stretch prompts. My neck is tight! I may end up with MacBreakz.


Lyric Kali • The ability to work from anywhere and at any time. I’m a writer so hours are flexible and I can work from anywhere. and blogging at