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What is the joy of owning your own business?

You may be wondering why anyone would want to own their own business.  It is a critical question to answer for yourself, one of many, before you make the buy or otherwise invest in a start up.  Below are the answers of several business owners who give their perspective. Steve Rose • The Pure Joy Of Owning Your Own Business. You set the mission, vision and values. You are pursuing your dreams and [...]

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Expert Buying tip # 1 (of 7)

» Know what is critical to your process of buying a business before you begin looking. It is easy to be enchanted with a business for sale in Santa Fe so knowing your criteria for making a selection is critical. Here are a few examples I used for a recent business purchase: Is the business financially viable, now and looking forward? Can I see the next generation of the business, knowing where I [...]

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Why most small businesses sell to individuals, not other businesses.

Emily wants to sell her business.  She has a business that could be integrated into another business.  However, Emily wants to maximize her sale price.  She is not likely to sell to another business. Many businesses-for-sale are priced, at least in part, based on cash flow to owner.  In most cases the owner actually works in the business, at least part time.  So, the cash flow to the owner includes the wage or [...]

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Where DO they come from – Buyers?

My guess is that each region has their own unique market,  at lease where the buyers come from.  Here in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, our profile has trends: Approximately 50 percent of the buyers come from out of state.  It is kind of appealing to move into a less stressful environment.  Some just plain like the environment – high desert, mountains, clear  sunny skies, art of all sorts, and a smaller-than-most [...]

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