My guess is that each region has their own unique market,  at lease where the buyers come from.  Here in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, our profile has trends:

  • Approximately 50 percent of the buyers come from out of state.  It is kind of appealing to move into a less stressful environment.  Some just plain like the environment – high desert, mountains, clear  sunny skies, art of all sorts, and a smaller-than-most community.
  • They are 45 – 55 years old, often those having left the corporate world with money in their pocket and looking for an opportunity to be responsible to them selves.
  • Most search the Internet for the businesses they want to buy.

They are all searching for the right fit financially, energy-wise, interests, and capabilities.  I, at least, as a broker can not force or canjole into a sale.  It must be right, feel right for the buyer.