In a recent business activity there was discussion of whether to yell at the landlord for being an obstructionist to the planned sale or whether to be cooperative.  I took the high road, that of seducing with honey.  For two months the problem was not resolved.  Then the deal began to crumble.  The further one gets from the original agreement the more time both sides begin to think about what they have agreed to.   Whether the delay is material to the intent of the sale.


Would it have been better to have the yelling contest and getting our point across early on?  It could have made a difference in having the deal either come together faster or fall apart earlier, not wasting our time on something that is perhaps going to fail anyway.


We just don’t know.  Likely I won’t change my spread-the-honey ways.  BUT I won’t lose the doubt that I might have been wrong.


BTW, the person who suggested the yelling believes my honey was correct.


Careful consideration of the various implications is important.