One of my means of learning, meeting new people, and finding leads for businesses to sell or buyers for businesses is to network. This past Friday was such an opportunity. At my lunch table were two people. In this blog entry, I want to feature one of them and the business he does.

You, your business, and the community could benefit from his services.

Eric is a younger-than-me gentleman, now living in Santa Fe for one year. He represents a non-profit started by his father and operating in many states and countries. The business is Community Options, Inc, an organization, in part, providing work opportunities for disabled individuals. The basis of what they do is not so uncommon but their principles and methods are perhaps more appropriate than (at least) some other such providers.

Example 1: At one company in Santa Fe, a disabled person has been hired to stock the staff lunch and break rooms. The person is adept at doing this and eventually was recognized to have other assistant-type skills. Her duties have expanded and all are benefiting.

Example 2: What two hours a day or week do you spend doing a seemingly meaningless task, perhaps shredding paper? Too little time, it seems, for you to hire someone but really keeping you or a key staff member from other tasks. This is where Eric comes in as he is happy to bring someone over two hours a week to earn minimum wage and add to your, your business and the individual’s well being. There are tax benefits as well.

Follow this link to their website.

Think about it.

Perhaps you have a need that if you just thought about it, could be filled by one of Eric’s crew members.

Perhaps you have had experience with hiring people from this or similar organizations and can comment here.